Bringing your awareness to the present

creating a safe space for you to channel your emotions,

connect to your true self and find your balance.

About Ambient Healing

Ambient Healing was born in 2021 following my own ongoing path of healing and reconnecting to my authentic self. 


I am blessed to be a mum of 3 wonderful children, who guide me as much through the values of life as I try to guide them. 

Becoming a mum at the age of 20 I have now spent nearly half my life as mum, this is my strongest identity and the one I will always feel most privileged to hold.


One of the things I discovered through my own journey of healing, was that in gaining my identity as ‘mum’, I had forgotten who 'Amy' was and the relationship I had with myself was out of balance. Falling into a cycle of neglecting my needs as an individual and then feeling all the mum guilt and shame whenever I did try to put myself first. 

Through reconnecting to myself I learnt that you can be a mum and your own person and that, not only is it ok to be both, its necessary. 

When we are honoring our own needs, we show up as the best version of our self for others, as a mother, a partner, a friend. 

As women we're susceptible to putting others needs ahead of our own and knowing that my challenges resonate with so many other mums and women I was inspired to create Ambient Healing, with the mission to empower women to face their challenges and reconnect to their true self.

Through my journey I have learnt a lot about who I am and where my qualities as well as insecurities have come from. One of the qualities I'm grateful to possess is the ability to safely hold space for others.


Now I understand what it really means to ‘hold space’  (to be physically, mentally and emotionally present for someone, without judgement as they feel their feelings and allowing them to just be)

I realise I did this long before I knew that was what I was doing, I have always been the friend people would go to in a crisis.

In my professional capacity as a family support worker I have held space for women, especially mothers for over 10 years. 

I am excited to be embarking on a new chapter, where I can continue to support women by utilising experiences and skills already acquired to new skills received from training in energy healing, as a Tree Babies Guide and as a current student of Compassionate Inquiry. 


I look forward to holding space for you soon,

Amy x




Classes & Sessions

Classes and sessions offered at Ambient Healing are all centered around supporting you to connect to your authentic self.  By holding a safe space for you, you will be able to be present with your emotions and follow your intuition - opening the door for you to be who you are truly meant to be.

Compassionate Inquiry and Shamanic Reiki sessions can be held in person or online via zoom.

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...each time I have been able to feel Amy's energy present while working over each energy centre to try and help to clear any blockages. Our sessions have helped me to feel more grounded, more able to express myself and communicate clearly. My creativity is flowing and I feel more connected to my intuitive nature. All of this from 2 online sessions. I'm looking forward to continuing the work we've been doing. I can only imagine how poweful it will be in person. Thank you


I have had a couple of Reiki sessions with Amy and they have been incredible. Amy genuinely feels your feelings and helps you to work through the areas you need to most. She listens and guides in such a brilliant way! It's hard to describe the feelings after because they were all different. But I felt something change in me each time and I began to feel better about myself and more importantly my self worth. I look forward to more sessions with Amy and continuing my journey. I know with her support and help I will do this and begin to love myself as a person. I would recommend this journey to everyone - the positive mindset it gives you is something else. I couldn't imagine completing this journey with anyone but Amy through Ambient Healing.


Ambient Healing 5 stars! Amy made the experience ever so calming and explains all at the start. I’ve had a few sessions and each time I’m blown away, I’m certainly looking forward to my next one. I personally am a worrier and with worry comes stress, really doesn’t help the anxiety! But since having time with Amy, she’s allowed me to open up, restoring ‘me’. I leave feeling refreshed and lifted! What’s ever so nice is the knowledge and friendliness Amy gives also. Throughout these hard times in particular and as life gets busy again - I honestly highly recommend getting in touch and having your own experience at Ambient Healing.


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