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Immerse yourself in nature with our 

Nurture in Nature classes

allowing you and your baby the beauty of being connected in the present moment.

What is Nurture in Nature?

Nurture in Nature is a space for being rather than doing.

In this space you are able to connect with yourself, your baby, connect with nature and bring your attention to the present moment.

Through these immersive sessions you will enhance a mindfulness practice that will help ground you through your motherhood journey.

Nurture in Nature sessions are not your traditional baby classes! 

Held weekly out in nature activities include:

-Baby wearing 

-Forest bathing

-Mindfulness, breath work & grounding 

-Nature mandalas 

-Tea ceremony 

-Connection with other mums




The transition into motherhood can often be isolating and at times scary. By holding space for each other out in nature, we are able to safely sit with our emotions.

Compassionately listening to another's story is a powerful way of being reminded ‘I see you, I understand’, this honest reflection and acceptance is how we build confident parenting in its truest form.

We witness the beauty in the changing seasons and aim to enjoy all weathers so waterproofs and wellies are a likely necessity but fingers crossed for more hats and sunscreen!

Sessions are suitable from birth, up until your baby is no longer comfortable in a sling or eager to run off and explore the world. 

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Learn more about Nurture in Nature

Nurture in Nature classes are adapted from the Tree Babies Instructor Training by Blossom & Berry. 

Watch this video for an insight into our classes.

nurture in nature by ambient healing

The 8 key elements of Nurture in Nature:

- Mindfulness

- Movement Practices

- Baby Wearing

- Forest Bathing

- Nature Art Creation

- Stillness

- Community Connection

- Gratitude Ceremony

nurture in nature by ambient healing

Benefits of being in nature 

There are many reasons to spend time in nature. Here are some of the benefits being in nature can have on your wellbeing

Boost energy and improve mood

Decrease stress

and anxiety

Enhance immune system function

Improve sleep quality 

Increase connection to the present moment

Pink Earth

Think you'd like to book a session?

Contact me now with any questions you may have about our Nurture in Nature sessions. I will be very happy to talk you through what we do and what you can expect. I look forward to hearing from you!

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